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Quality, Temperament, Soundness, Health, and Breed Type come first.

Papillons are one of the smartest breeds, proven by their many achievements . Agility, Obedience competition, Therapy service, and much more. A healthy happy puppy is the start of it all. I think babies are one of the best things God gives us. It is our job to take the best of care we can give them. This of course includes puppies. Nurturing them, making sure we as care givers do our VERY best! Puppies need, attention, socializing, good quality food, play time, vet care, and feeling safe in their surroundings. A happy healthy puppy will make the most wonderful pet.

Papillon Puppies
I got it first, so it's mine.

Papillon Puppies
I'm just playing.
Papillon Puppies
Ok I'm tired now.

Papillon Puppies
Is this deep enough?
Papillon Puppies
Hey get off, I'm in retirement.

Papillon Puppy Care Information

When bringing a puppy home you need to prepare first - Have everything ready for that day. You should have a safe place, a place where the puppy will feel that way when he is ready for rest, nap, of course that could be your lap, or it could be a crate, ex-pen, or even a small room where he can feel it is his own little space. This should always have fresh water and food, and clean bedding.

Food - There are a lot of good foods for our pets now days. I use the small dry Bil-Jac to start out with and you may change to a larger, quality food as they grow for the crunching and help of cleaning the teeth. Papillons need to have that for healthy teeth and they need to be brushed also. You can get a finger brush or tooth brush and paste at your vets or pet supply store to brush your Papillons teeth.

AKC Breeder of Merit Award PapillonAKC Breeder of Merit Award to Nanken for Papillon champions. More information about Nanken Papillons

Papillon House Training and Health Checks

House training - It is important to watch what your puppy signs are for telling you when he needs to go out. A puppy should be taken out after eating, napping, and before or after a good play time. Sometimes it is good to take a little one out every 2 to 4 hours in the beginning to be sure you don't have an accident. Older dogs can be house trained also, with a little more watching, an older one can be the most wonderful loving pet as well.

Health checks - My puppies all get health checks, including hearts and patellas, before leaving my home. Any dogs used for breeding have all been eye cerfed.

If you are interested in this breed you my go to the Papillon Club of America and read all about the history, temperament, hair care, colors, and everything about this lovely breed.

Papillon Puppies with Mom
A happy mom and puppies

Papillon Puppy
What? I'll grow into these ears.
Papillon Show Puppy
Papillon puppies are fun to show.

Papillon Puppies Nursing
Hail Hail the Gangs all here!

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I may have available some lovely young adult retirees
available to the right homes on occasion.

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